Good organizations include operational and technical counter measures in their information security plan and Great organizations focus on awareness & training along with. There are various statistical studies which show that the threats from the insiders range from 65 to 90 percent. The first step is to decide the goals of the security awareness program and then developing a program plan, to be presented to the management.

The key thing is to just begin somewhere, and along the way, seek more resources and ask for guidance from key IT team members and decision makers. The benefit of beginning with an awareness campaign is to set the stage for the next level of IT security information distribution, which is IT Security Training. Always remember that the awareness does not ends when training begins; it is a continuous and inevitable feature of the information security awareness and training programs.

Training is a formal and very interactive medium compared to an awareness program. It is a deliberate directed effort towards building knowledge, skills and abilities that facilitate job capabilities and performance.

RNS Technology Services has staffed a bunch of dedicated industry experts and experienced trainers as the part of their education and training initiatives.


Choose from a variety of courses, right from an information security introduction training to being a certified Auditor.


With this course, safeguard your employees and reputation by working towards minimizing disruption and maximizing recovery time with ISO 22301.


The ITIL qualification scheme provides a modular approach to the ITIL framework, and is comprised of a series of qualifications.


This course can significantly reduce not only the odds of your business experiencing a serious information security breach, but can also help minimize negative impact should a breach occur.


PRINCE2 isolates the management aspects of project work from the specialist contributions, such as design and construction.


Looking for a one-time users training event or an year long training calendar plan, we can help you conduct both