Next Generation Firewalls

Traditionally, firewalls were devices assigned the task to control the traffic that is allowed to enter or exit a point within the network, either by a stateful or stateless method. Other common features of a traditional firewall include support for Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Address Translation (PAT), and Virtual Private Network (VPN) termination, as well as being able to provide a high level of availability and performance with a combination of a network topology within these firewalls.

There are a lot of changes going on within the enterprise, including paradigm shifts related to how applications are used and transported. Though this change is a huge advantage from the usability perspective, it could be a nightmare for the information security department.

In came the Next Generation Firewall or NGFW as it is popularly known, and changed the game. With added features like Application Awareness, Stateful inspection from layer 2 through layer 7, Identity Awareness (user and group control), Transparent or InLine modes and most popular, Integrated IPS functionality, with more Visibility.

Whether you need to deploy a High Performance Data Centre Firewall, an Enterprise Next Generation Firewall or a small UTM for distributed Enterprise Sites or Small business, we at RNS specialize in consulting & deploying strategic Network Security projects for your enterprise. Our enriched experience over multiple vendors helps us to understand your business needs better, propose what’s best for your business while our skilled engineers ensure we deploy solutions within the promised timelines, giving you as a change maker from your organization, the satisfaction of working with a technology partner who works with you as well for you.

Next Generation Firewalls

Planning for an internal/perimeter firewall or optimizing your existing firewall configurations