Network Intrusion Prevention System

Many enterprise network systems and end user devices remain susceptible to a myriad of known attacks due to a simple failure to patch known vulnerabilities, outdated equipment and malware signatures, or failure to properly setup and deploy security devices. Since known vulnerabilities are typically well documented, anyone can download ready- made tools to attack unpatched systems. Therefore, when developing a security strategy, organizations must plan to protect against not just current threats, but all threats, known and unknown.

Newer blended threats and Advanced Persistent Threats, or APTs, use multiple old and new attack methods simultaneously, targeting specific data and even individuals within organizations. Therefore, both traditional and advanced security measures working together are especially important when defending networks against these new types of multi- faceted and persistent attacks.

An intelligent intrusion prevention system (IPS) solution is not just one that discovers & blocks sophisticated threats in the network but by using multiple, advanced, signature-less detection techniques such as Advanced Threat Defense, real-time emulation, and endpoint integration, it moves beyond mere pattern matching to offer advanced network intrusion detection that defends against unknown stealthy attacks with extreme accuracy.

So, if you want us to find out if your network security needs have matured to accommodate an intelligent intrusion prevention security solution or seek our help in deploying the solution, we ensure SLA driven response to your business request enabling you to focus on your business while we focus to strengthen your network security.

Network Intrusion Prevention system

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