Identity & Access Management

While the international boundaries are shrinking, courtesy the internet and the hand held devices, there is an elaborate expansion happening to the corporate IT perimeter. Traditionally, An IT manager was responsible only for the efficiency and effectiveness of his identity and access management strategy for internal users and internal systems. But now, with the business globalization of information, the corporate data is now residing in cloud, corporate users are mobile with BYOD and often, IT manager also need to manage distributed ownership and control of resources.

This has not only made the situation very challenging for IT managers but also very interesting for the IAM solution providers. IAM cannot be a one time consulting activity and the commoditization of some identity function coupled with the explosion of available applications is pushing enterprises to seek for more robust yet scalable options for Identity & Access Management. Collaboration and consumer access, via BYOD and social media, is leading to a convergence in the management and use of all identities for simplicity and business effectiveness.

For enterprises with increasingly intelligent devices and other endpoints (such as sensors, electronic tags, process and distributed control) a revision in strategy, architecture, and operations for IAM to accommodate new activity streams and relationships is required.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt have limited value. We know that you do not control the threat, but you do control your organization’s readiness and that is where we want to focus our attention. We help you build a platform that enables identity-based security to safeguard any access to sensitive information and intellectual property for employees, partners and customers. More importantly, the solution integrates with today’s leading mobile platforms and is extensible for future requirements.

Identity & Access Management

Are you looking to know about a Full Life Cycle of Identity & Access Management Solutions for all Users and all Departments. We help you define the framework for business processes that facilitates the management of electronic identities