Endpoint Security

Businesses of all sizes face risks in the everyday acts of using digital technology and the Internet for legitimate purposes.

The root of all security lies with protecting the endpoint and these endpoints could be either a PC, laptop, smart phones, tablets or specialized equipment such as bar code readers or point of sale (POS) terminals.

So, when we talk about endpoint security, we do not talk about a single solution. We believe Endpoint Security is a very strategic approach to your network protection, as it requires each computing device on a corporate network to adhere with certain standards set by the corporate IT policy before the network access is granted.

Endpoint security systems usually work on the client server model wherein a centrally managed server hosts the security algorithm or program and a complimenting client program is installed on each network device. When a client attempts to log onto the network, the server program validates user credentials and scans the device to make sure that it complies with defined corporate security policies before allowing access to the network.

Nowadays, with every security solution becoming a next generation solution, even endpoint security is not limited to the traditional personal firewalls or anti-virus software but the term is evolving to include intrusion detection solutions with behavior analysis ; blocking components that monitor devices and look for actions that are typically initiated by rootkits.

We at RNS focus at solutions which combine feature rich endpoint controls with powerful security for endpoints – to protect your internal IT infrastructure – plus rigorous mobile security that protects beyond your business boundary.

Endpoint Security

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