Information Rights Management

Security for Business Information has been the focal point of most CIO strategies. Competitive edge of organizations, regardless of the domains they conduct business in, lies in the intellectual properties (IP) that differentiate them from competition.

While on one hand, IP needs to be guarded at all costs; on the other hand the emphasis on collaboration for businesses forces this information to be shared outside the confines of the enterprise. More often then not, IP is in the form of information, and resides in a multitude of places, including desktops, emails, shared repositories, files, documents, etc., within and outside of the organization.

In such cases, sensitive information is sent out of the enterprise boundaries, with absolutely no control to ensure that the information is not intentionally or accidentally accessible to unintended people. All these things lead towards a location and system agnostic information security framework, which is granular as well as flexible at the same time.

Much has changed since the first digital rights management (DRM) technologies came to market over a decade ago. Users now demand collaboration tools, highly intuitive interfaces, mobile access to information and seamless, native experiences across all platforms.

Our solution takes a fundamentally different approach to document-centric security than legacy DRM solutions. Simply put, it is a platform for accessing, syncing, sharing, and controlling information, while Digital Rights Management is just one of the popular features.

The solution allows recipients, including external collaborators, to view, annotate, and edit secure documents without installing any software in addition to providing a wrapped version of the native document that allows secure offline access and editing in Office applications, leveraging DRM-level protections without requiring an implementation of Microsoft AD RMS.

More importantly, its custom integrations allow enterprises to leverage workflows they already have in place (such as with Outlook, SharePoint, and web portals) to ease adoption of the platform.

Information Rights Management

Looking for a rights management solution to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access even if has crossed your internal boundaries