Data Leakage Prevention

Over the last few years, companies in every industry sector around the globe have seen their sensitive internal data lost, stolen or leaked to the outside world. A wide range of high-profile data loss incidents have cost organizations millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs and have resulted in tremendous damage to brands and reputations.

Many different types of incidents have occurred, including the sale of customer account details to external parties and the loss of many laptops, USB sticks, backup tapes and mobile devices, to name just a few. The vast majority of these incidents resulted from the actions of internal users and trusted third parties, and most have been unintentional.

With our industry leading solutions, you can quickly and easily monitor real-time events and apply centrally managed security policies to regulate and restrict how employees use and transfer sensitive data without impacting employee productivity. You can not only protect data from threats originating from the inside, such as email, IM, web posting, USB copying, and printing but also stop confidential data loss initiated by Trojans, worms, and other file-sharing applications.

Our content-aware device management solutions filter, monitor and block confidential data on any removable storage device. While the enhanced virtualization support protects remote desktops and VDI solutions, the Fully customized user notification and business justification dialogues help reinforce user behaviors.
The reporting dashboard allows for easy collection of critical usage data, such as sender, recipient, timestamp, and data evidence. With a click of a button, it offers detailed reports to prove to auditors, senior management, and other stakeholders that internal and regulatory compliance measures are in place.

Data Leakage Prevention

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