Data Classification

Data classification is one of the most talked about, and least understood, tools in the security arsenal. With at least a half- dozen different names and even more technology approaches, it can be difficult to understand the ultimate value of the tools and which products best suits your environment.

Even before you decide to safeguard all your sensitive data, you need an answer to a few basic yet critical questions – Do you know what you sensitive data is? Are you sure this is your only sensitive data? What is the lifetime of the sensitivity of this sensitive data?

To answer all these questions, we need to classify our unstructured data. Data classification is the foundation of an effective information governance strategy. By identifying the business value of unstructured data at the time of creation, organizations can make intelligent, deliberate decisions on how that information is handled.

Our Solutions enable organizations to classify continuously, protect and confidently share information, and meet regulatory compliance requirements by identifying and securing unstructured data. The products enhance data loss prevention by involving end users in classifying and protecting sensitive information in emails, documents and other file types – on the desktop, on mobile devices, and in SharePoint.

Data Classification

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