Technology Solutions

  • Endpoint Security
  • Network Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Monitoring & Management

With multi-layer defenses against malware and attacks, we help protect your endpoints against known, unknown and advanced threats.

Mobile Security

Innovative mobile security technologies protect a wide range of mobile platforms against malware, phishing attacks, spam and more.

Next Generation Firewalls

Whether you need to deploy a High Performance Data Centre Firewall, an Enterprise Next Generation Firewall or a small UTM for distributed Enterprise Sites or Small business, we at RNS specialize in consulting & deploying strategic Network Security projects for your enterprise.

Network Intrusion Prevention System

We ensure SLA driven response to your business request enabling you to focus on your business while we focus to strengthen your network security.

Web & Email Protection

The rich scanning infrastructure of our solutions compares each email and each web page’s active content and co relates that to an extensive file and URL reputation databases.

Web Application Firewalls

The continued evolution of the threat landscape has enabled individuals and groups to launch orchestrated attacks on organizations’ infrastructure for criminal or political gain. We at RNS specialize in providing solutions that protect your web-based applications and internet-facing data.

Wireless Protection

With our end-to-end portfolio of Wireless Network Design, Analysis, and Security tools, you can ensure the Security, Performance and Compliance of your wireless networks amidst all the changing conditions.

Access Management

Our solution is a robust collection of integrated modular technologies designed specifically to meet the complex and growing compliance and security requirements associated with privileged access control.

Privilege Management

Controlling, monitoring and auditing privileges is extremely important to mitigating the risks posed by insider threats, preventing data breaches, and meeting compliance requirements.

Data Classification

Our Solutions enable organizations to classify continuously, protect and confidently share information, and meet regulatory compliance requirements by identifying and securing unstructured data.

Information Rights Management

Our solution takes a different approach to document-centric security than legacy DRM solutions. It is a platform for accessing, syncing, sharing, and controlling information, while Digital Rights Management is just one of the popular features.

Data Leakage Prevention

With our industry leading solutions, you can quickly and easily monitor real-time events and apply centrally managed security policies to regulate and restrict how employees use and transfer sensitive data.


By combining robust encryption, policy-based access controls, centralized administration, and enterprise key management, we help you keep valuable assets protected and in compliance with regulatory mandates.

File Integrity Management

File integrity monitoring (FIM) has become a critical piece of the security puzzle, especially given the evolving nature of the threat to sensitive corporate data.

Security Information & Event Management

Protecting against today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape requires broad and deep visibility across the entire IT environment.

Privilege Identity Management
SIEM Solution
Next Generation Firewalls
Data Loss Prevention
Wireless Protection


Network Audit

Planning for your next year’s IT budgets, our Intensive network audit and analysis report can help you plan it.