IT, has and will always be at the core of any enterprise, the form in which it will be a part of a company’s future plans depends solely at the visions it wishes to achieve and at what pace.

For all forward looking organizations, Governance for enterprise means looking at information security as a non-negotiable requirement of being in business. If an organization does not establishes or reinforces the business need for effective enterprise security, the organization’s desired state of data security will be neither articulated not achieved, or sustained. To achieve a sustainable capability, organizations must make enterprise security the responsibility of leaders at a governance level, not of other organizational roles that lack the accountability and resources to act and enforce compliance.

We, at RNS have an inhouse focused set of business professionals offering result oriented consulting services helping organizations showcase

  • Development of IT/Information Security (IS) Strategy
  • Developing Policy Management Framework
  • Developing IT/ IS Policies
  • Development of Enterprise Security Architecture

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